Monday, January 12, 2009

Yep, Definitely The Pajamas!

That has to be it. Moose are naturally drawn to the moose pajamas. I bet if everyone went and bought some of these magical pajamas, you would be seeing moose in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, New Hampshire, etc. It's a proven fact. I've been wearing the bear pajamas a lot lately(silly me, because obviously the bear are all hibernating!), so I decided last night that I would wear the moose. No sooner than I'd changed, I just happened to look out at the back patio and there they were. Mom and baby moose. Baby is a relative term up here. This spring calf is roughly the size of a regular horse right now. Here is Momma moose. She wasn't a very happy camper last night. In fact, she was very grumpy. (Maybe Daddy moose went off to a warmer location for "work" and left Momma Moose in the freezing snow with baby moose. I'm just saying...)They were a lovely family. Momma didn't stay very long. Like I said, she was very grumpy, and she soon went on to another tree. The baby stayed a bit longer. Apparently my raised flower bed makes a nice buffet for a young moose. The birds had knocked some leaves and berries off of the tree and onto the snow covered bed. This youngster delicately nibbled them up.

Soon, the baby went off to find it's Mom. I was glad I finally got to see the moose again. It's been weeks since I'd seen any at all. If you like to see a moose in your back yard, then get yourself a pair of Hatley pj's, too!

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Gretchen said...

Well, I haven't seen a moose yet here in NH and I hear they are around so I guess I will have to hang up MY bear PJ's (from Crested Butte) and get some moose ones!! Great pics, Barb!!! I love your blog!!