Saturday, January 24, 2009


We had an earthquake this morning. 9:09 am, to be exact. They don't know the magnitude right now. The center of it was in Cook Inlet, 158 miles Southwest of Anchorage. We've had quite a few earthquakes since we've lived up here, but this is only the second one that I've felt. I was sitting in a chair upstairs, and suddenly the house started swaying. Then I could hear the faint rattling of things on the dresser. I could feel myself moving slightly back and forth. It's kind of a strange feeling. I was wondering what someone was doing to make the house shake so much (probably my kids), and then I realized that it was an earthquake. The whole thing lasted less than a minute. Very cool. Russ says earthquakes are not cool, because they can do so much damage, but this one was minor, and that makes it cool. When the kids are older, they will not remember that they have been through hurricanes, tornadoes, water spouts, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I guess that's a good thing. It means none of them has had a damaging effect on our family. If you asked the kids what they remember of the hurricanes we experienced in Florida, and they will tell you we had a great weekend in Disney World. (If you have to evacuate, why not make a vacation out of it.) Such is life. Hope your day is disaster free.

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