Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moose Crossing

Things have been a little busy, so I've been slacking off a little bit on this blog. I have been so busy taking pictures at school lately, that I haven't taken any for myself. I thought I would share these that I took last winter in front of our school. I was parked beside the school, waiting for Brandon to come out, when this Mom and calf decided to stroll through.
It always makes me a little nervous when they walk so closely to the vehicles, but despite their massive size, they are very gentle creatures. This is not uncommon in our area. They make regular announcements on the school intercom before they release the kids concerning moose sightings. They will tell the kids to not take certain routes home, because there are moose in that area. In this case, the moose were right in front of the school, so they held the kids a little longer and "shooed" the moose away.

Unfortunately, the moose refused to go very far this time, so our Principal and some volunteers walked the kids safely around the wildlife and up into our neighborhood. Just another day in Alaska.

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