Wednesday, January 7, 2009

STILL Thinking Warmer Thoughts

It's still too cold to get out and do more than you need to ( it's currently -26). I know the people who have lived here forever laugh at us "newbies", but Florida weather has softened me up too much to enjoy temps THIS cold. Jess and I were laughing this morning, because when the weatherman said that we were going to reach the 20's by the weekend, we were excited about the "heat wave". It's all about perspective. Anyway, here are some more warm weather pictures for your viewing enjoyment. These were taken during our cruise out of Seward to Kenai Fjords National Park last summer. If you are interested in see more, I posted some earlier on this site.
These are nesting Puffins.

The Stellar Sea Lions were amazing, too. They are so much bigger than they appear in pictures. And louder. Most of them were enjoying a mid day nap, but boys will be boys, and they love to fight it out.

I am still amazed by how close this pod of killer whales got to us. This one was playing right beside the boat. It was fantastic. I never expected to see wild creatures this close. They played around the boat for at least half an hour.

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