Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cold But Clean

It's a little hard to make it out, but the temp on the dash of Russ' truck reads -20 degrees. What does one do at -20 degrees at night on the weekend? Why... wash the truck, of course. Because there is one thing that we all know...a clean truck is a happy truck. Back in Florida, washing the vehicles meant putting on your shorts, cranking up the music, and getting a bucket of warm soapy suds out in the driveway. That is not the case up here. You have to find a nice heated car wash. This one was a little dark, but nice and toasty warm. I'm sure the Tundra appreciated it. (It doesn't get to hang out in the garage like my van.) Why is the bed still full of snow? Russ tells me he doesn't get rid of it because it is added weight, but I secretly think it's because he wants to see how thick it will get by the end of the winter.

After the Tundra was nice and sparkly, we headed for home... but stopped by the base Christmas trees on the way to check them out.
This is Ft. Rich's Christmas tree. Very nicely done in blues and whites.
Not to be outdone, Elmendorf's tree is decorated in multicolored lights with gifts underneath. (Notice our star's bigger than their star? I'm just saying...)This is the temp this afternoon. This is a little gauge that we have on the kitchen counter. It says the outside temp is -16. (Yes, the clock on it is wrong, and it is not am.)
Everything outside looks like it was dipped in white powder. It's very pretty. When the sun hits it just right, everything sparkles.

Even the icicles have frost on them.
Needless to say, we are hanging out inside today, and the kids are having a lovely time on the Wii. That has been the best Christmas gift we've probably ever gotten. All four of us have been playing tennis and bowling. Now if I can just order that tanning bed, my life will be complete...


Anonymous said...

How do you wash a pickup and not melt the snow?

Barb said...

Very carefully! :0)