Saturday, January 17, 2009

Springtime in Alaska?!?!?

"When it's springtime in Alaska, it's 40 below..." That is a phrase from a song my Dad used to play a LONG time ago. Apparently times are changing. It hit the 40's again today and it was a beautiful day. Blue skies, snow melting, birds chirping. I might even have heard a bear yawning as he rose from his winter slumber. This is the view out of my back patio. What is that stuff under the tree? Is that grass? In January? On closer inspection, there is GREEN grass in my back yard. It's official, Spring has sprung. Now don't go crazy like Jess and start picking out new shorts and swimsuits. (I think I heard Brandon rooting around in the garage, looking for the slip and slide.) I have a feeling this too shall pass.
The kids are enjoying their 6 day weekend. They have been enjoying a Wii marathon like no other. They pooled their money yesterday, conned me into driving to Target, and picked out some new games. They remain happy campers. I guess we can call this Pre Spring Break. We hope you are enjoying our cold Alaskan weather down south. It's only a loaner. Next week will be be expecting it back.

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