Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Volcano Saga Continues

No, this is not a current picture. It was taken on April 21, 1990, by R. Clucas. This was the last time that Mt. Redoubt erupted. I'm just sharing a little piece of Alaskan history. It's a beautiful picture, even if it was a scary event. Apparently the volcano erupted over a period of several weeks, and coated Anchorage with a layer of ash. On the other hand, this picture of Mt. Redoubt was taken two days ago by Cyrus Read of the AVO/USGS. It shows the muddy flow coming down the north side. Activity is still high. It's just a matter of waiting at this point. After considering that we might be trapped in this house for several days (with the kids!!), I went to the Commissary and stocked up on food. And a bottle of wine. (I'm not an idiot!)

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