Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tundra Snake

One of my very favorite things about Alaska is that there aren't any snakes here. Well, there is one exception. Here is the rarely seen and highly dangerous Tundra Snake. It's OK, though. It only comes out of hibernation every 150 years or so, so I think I'm probably safe. (I'll have to do some research, though, and find out when it was last seen roaming the tundra!)
The ghost hunt this weekend didn't work out as planned, for those keeping track. I haven't given up, though. I will try another night.


Anonymous said...

my boyfriend and I visite alaska over the summer and i took a picture of this exact same snake and didnt think it was real. Let me know what u find out please!!

Alyson from Ohio

GrizzlyBarb said...

Someone made it as a joke to entertain the tourists. There is only one kind of snake that can live in Alaska, and it is found in south Alaska. (No snakes is one of my favorite things about Alaska!) Hope you had a great visit here!