Friday, October 31, 2008

Sunrise at Six Mile Lake

The sun is rising a little later every day. I went out to Six Mile Lake on the back side of base yesterday morning a little after 9 am. I was planning on taking pictures of the sunrise on the lake, but I got a little distracted. Not far after I went around the flight line, I happened upon a bull moose. It was dark, so the pictures are grainy, but he is a handsome gentleman, just the same.
He had already crossed the road when I got near him, and didn't stick around for very long. He entered the trees and quickly faded away. I continued on my quest for sunrise pictures, but as I approached the lake, this majestic creature was also enjoying the scenery. He was perched high in a tree beside the lake, looking for breakfast. He didn't have any luck while I was there, but maybe things worked out for him later on. The lake was frozen over, so fish were not one of his options. By the time I actually started taking pictures of the lake, the sun had risen. That's OK. It was still beautiful. This is one of my favorite places on base.

Maybe some day soon, I'll start out a little earlier and see if I can get the actual sunrise. It really is beautiful, with it's pinks and purples reflecting off of the mountains.
Happy Halloween.

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Gretchen said...

Sunrise at 9am??? I can't imagine. Beautiful pictures!!!