Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Mother Ship Has Landed!

It's unofficially open! The soft opening for our Target here was on Tuesday, but they don't officially open until Sunday. It didn't matter, because the word really got out. It was insane yesterday! Imagine standing in the middle of a college campus and yelling "FREE BEER!" That was the turn out that they had yesterday. Target is the only store completed in the shopping center, so there is construction everywhere. Workers are madly trying to get the outside of the other buildings completed before the snow really hits and shuts them down. They had people directing the steady stream of traffic around the construction areas and to the back of the shopping center where the Target is. They handled it really well, though, and things went smoothly. It's nice to have a Target again, because I've been without one since we left Florida, over THREE years ago! Time if flying by! I showed great restraint, though, and only picked up a shopping basket instead of grabbing the cart (like I wanted to!) My checkbook will thank me later.

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