Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

When I went to pick up Jess from swim practice this afternoon, I found this little guy hanging out on the tennis court. The kids on the tennis team were patiently waiting for their court back. They said that he wondered in the gate on the other side of the courts, and had been hanging out there for a little while. No one had seen his Mom.
He didn't look very happy to be stuck inside the court, but he wasn't panicked either. He just walked around a little bit and checked the place out.
The weeds weren't too appetizing, so he finally decided to head out the other gate. The kids ran over and shut the gate behind him so he wouldn't accidentally end up inside again.
He decided to have a snack on the grass beside the pool house and relax. By the time we came outside again, he was gone. Hopefully his Mom came to claim him. He was a Spring baby, and it's unusual for a moose that young to be without his mom, but he was healthy and well fed, so I'm sure she was close by.

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