Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Still Snowing (Sort Of)

We got a few more inches of snow last night, but it isn't sticking to the roads, so that is always nice. It's hovering right around the freezing mark, so the snow isn't accumulating much. Bummer for the kids, yippee for the drivers. This is a picture I took a couple of years ago, right after Halloween. You are only allowed to display real pumpkins during the month of October on base. The day after Halloween, you have to "dispose" of them properly (meaning: toss them into the dumpsters). Moose love to eat pumpkins, so any seen out after that date are considered "feeding the wildlife", which packs a hefty fine. Someone loved their pumpkin too much to toss it, and placed it on a stump deep in the woods. Of course, it could have been the Headless Horseman's spare head. One will never know.

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