Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Snow & Ice

I was driving home from work Friday afternoon, and hit a patch of ice while turning a corner. I lost traction and started sliding to the left instead of turning to the right. I did my part: I stomped the brake to the floor and went "UGHHHHHHHH!" Apparently I didn't pronounce it right, because I kept sliding and ended up on the curb. Nothing major, no damage done, and I backed up and went on around the corner. In my defence, I was doing a whopping 5 mph at the time. Clearly not my fault. Then I did what every good wife should do. I went home and said, "Can you put my snow tires on the van? I slid into a curb." Big mistake. Now I am the recipient of an instructional speech on how to drive on icy surfaces. It involved percentages, physics and braking vs. turning. I didn't get it all, but nodded when I felt I should of. Apparently I passed the test, and the snow tires went on. Now I am raring to go.

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