Thursday, October 16, 2008

26 Glacier Cruise

Since my schedule of late doesn't allow a lot of time to take pictures, I thought I'd share these from a few summers ago. If you ever get the chance, take a boat ride in Alaska. We went on the 26 Glacier Cruise out of Whittier, and it was fantastic. Alaska is one of the few remaining wilderness areas in the United States. The majority of the state can only be seen from a boat or a plane. We were lucky to see quite a lot of wildlife on the cruise. The harbor seals were chilling out on the ice. There were also tons of sea otters swimming around and playing. They were a little more cautious than the seals, and didn't let the boat get too close to them.

Pictures just can't capture the massive size of the glaciers. They made our big boat look like a little toy. Occasionally, part of the glacier calves off and falls into the water. There were big chunks of ice floating all around that had already fallen off.

Between the train and the cruise, it's hard to decide which mode of transportation is my favorite here. They are both fantastic. I will offer this bit of advise, though. As part of the cruise, they haul in a piece of glacial ice out of the water and chop it up. Then they let the passengers each get a little chip and taste it. The passengers loved this, because they could now tell the people back home "I ate part of a glacier in Alaska!" Very impressive... until I got home and checked out my pictures. When I blew up some of the pictures, I noticed that one of the harbor seals was "relieving herself" on the ice. This was not the chunk that people were eating, but who is to say some other seal didn't flavor that one at some point. Just something to think about if someone every offers you a glacier chip in Alaska. Just say no!

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