Monday, October 27, 2008

Sue Henry

If you are interested in reading some great murder mystery novels about Alaska, pick up a book by Sue Henry. She lives here in Anchorage, and has written a great series of books based on the adventures of a local Iditarod musher named Jessie Arnold from Wasilla, AK. The stories all take place here in Alaska, and Ms. Henry is a very descriptive writer. The first in the series is Murder on the Iditarod Trail. I've read the whole series, and they are all definitely a good read. This author also has another series about RV enthusiast Maxie McNabb. She is a feisty older lady who lives in Homer, AK, during the summer, but spends the rest of the year traveling around the lower 48 in her RV with a Dachshund named Stretch. She seems to attract trouble, because she (like her friend Jessie Arnold) is always involved in some murder mystery. I am currently reading The Refuge.

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