Thursday, October 2, 2008

South End of a North Bound Moose

OK, it's not his most flattering side, but he just wouldn't turn around and smile. This big fella was hanging out (with a female friend) just inside the woods down the street from our house yesterday evening. This isn't a good time to get too close to bull moose anyway. It's rutting season, so they are a bit cranky. Did you know that bull moose challenge other bull moose to fights to show off for the lady moose? They have to show the ladies that they are the best pick. If there isn't another bull moose around, they will challenge whatever is available, including people and vehicles. I took this picture from inside Russ truck. I told him if the moose rammed into the side, we couldn't get the dent fixed. What a cool souvenir of Alaska that would be! We would be telling people at our next base, "Yep, that's where the bull moose rammed into the truck when we lived in Alaska!" Russ didn't seem to agree. Men! Did you happen to notice the forecast for tomorrow? What is that I see? Snow? Whoohoo! I can't wait. We will be putting the bikes away this weekend, making room for the van in the garage, and dusting off the sleds. Nothing like a little anticipation to get you through the week!

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