Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday In Downtown Anchorage

We decided to spend our last Sunday in Anchorage visiting the downtown area. We were happy "tourists" and had a great time today. We walked around the area, visited a lot of the local tourist shops, and bought a few things to take with us. We also went to the Bear And Raven Theater and saw a great little movie about the Iditarod. It was interactive viewing, so we also enjoyed a parting view of the northern lights on the ceiling and a light snow fall. We traveled on to City Hall, where Russ and I enjoyed reindeer sausages from the corner cart. Good times. The kids decided not to be quite so adventurous, and had lunch at Burger King. I guess they have some issues with eating Rudolph. I, on the other hand, have no problem with it. He was delicious.
Next, a quick stop at the Visitor's Center beside City Hall to check out the Anchorage sign. It shows the air mileage from Anchorage to major cities around the world. Guess what was on the sign......Brussels! How cool is that? In case you can't read it, it is 4,566 air miles from Anchorage to Brussels. (Double that if you are traveling with kids who do not sleep on planes.)

The icing on the cake today was having our family portrait taken. When we left Florida, we had our picture taken on the beach. What do you do when you leave Alaska? You have your picture taken with a moose, of course! Hank was only too happy to oblige. Thanks, Hank. We really appreciate it. We will remember you and Alaska fondly.

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