Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moving Magic-Now You See It, Now It's Gone!

We had four days scheduled for the move, and these guys did it in two. A miracle? magic? Who's to say. They did it. This part is always very exciting, and a little nerve racking. Every time we move, I look around and think "Holy cow! Who's crap is filling up my house! We definitely need to get rid of some of this!" But then I decide that I can't live without any of it and into boxes it goes. I'm sure this thrills the movers almost as much as it does the hubby. This time, though, I noticed that a LOT of stuff going into the boxes wasn't mine. The hubby has accumulated a lot of crap on his own. Sorry, I meant... "valuable cold weather gear and accessories. I can't get rid of this stuff. I'll definitely need it again later!" Someone else is singing my tune, it would seem.
The hubby also can't sit around while someone else is working. Apparently this is part of the tough guy code. I'm afraid that I didn't read this manual. I, for one, was happy that we weren't moving ourselves this time.
Now our lives are packed into MANY wooden crates, loaded into a trailer, and heading out to the docks. There they will be put on a slow moving boat that is heading "over the pond" to our new home. Hopefully they will avoid the pirates. Argh, Matey, you touch my furniture and die cuts and walking the plank will look like pre-school! We are camping out on blow up mattresses for the time being. Soon they will be back to pick up our last 500 pound shipment and the rest of the goodies that will be heading into storage. (Note to self: thin out rest of goodies going into storage!) By the way, in case you were wondering, I got into LOTS of trouble for posting that pic of Jess "The Russian" teenager a couple of days ago. Be sure and go back and check it out again. No sense in getting into trouble and not getting my monies worth out of it. :0) Hee hee, Jess. That will teach you.


Gretchen said...

Hey Barb...I am so excited for you!! I can feel the stress though...I have been there!!

GrizzlyBarb said...

I'm getting a little more stressed the closer we get to leaving. Not sure if it's because there are still things to take care of, or if I am just going to miss it here so much. We are super excited about the move, though, so it will all be smooth sailing soon! :0)