Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving Monday and Tuesday

The kids are having way too much fun with this move. They left for school yesterday morning with a house full of furniture, and returned home to find their lives packed away in lots of lovely boxes. But, being the Air Force kids that they are, they adjust quickly. Jess hooked up the laptop on the kitchen bar and entertained herself (and us) with an impersonation of a Russian fellow. Not really sure where that came from. She made herself a mustache and goatee and the accent just seemed to follow naturally. Anything you asked her was answered with accent and attitude. You can't see it in this picture, but she also had a home made sticker on her shirt with the words "having too much fun with tape" on it.

Brandon hooked up the HUGE 13" TV to the cable box, and was good to go. When you sit this close, it's wide screen. At one point, he turned to us and said "I kind of like not having any furniture." Kids. They like the idea of camping out in the house as long as we have the basics like Internet and TV. Not much else is required.
The Harley took off today in a small truck all by itself. It will be boxed at the warehouse and added to our shipment. Hopefully. We are keeping our fingers crossed. The movers are finishing up the packing today and will load everything into the big truck. Then it's happy camping until we head off to TLF. I'm sure after a couple of weeks of sleeping on blow up mattresses, it will seem like a high dollar vacation on the Riviera!

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