Friday, May 8, 2009

Finally Friday!

This picture is courtesy of the Alaska Volcano Observatory Web cam. Redoubt is still doing her thing. "Vigorous steam and gas omissions", according to their website. I'm so used to this that if and when she finally blows her top, it will be a big surprise. Things have been so crazy around here that I haven't even thought to check on updates lately. (Hope that didn't hurt her feelings.) It's another beautiful day in glorious Alaska. Spring has arrived, and everything is starting to turn green. Next weekend marks the opening of the Anchorage weekend market. We'll have to enjoy a final stroll through the stalls and pick up a few last minute souvenirs. How we are going to wedge them into our overstuffed suitcases is a problem that we will deal with later. We might be boarding the plane wearing two pair of pants and four shirts each, just to make the weight limits on the baggage. I haven't seen a moose in a few weeks now. I suspect they were cautious about the fact that I was trying to stow one in my household goods. Surely they will come out soon to bid me a fond goodbye. (More likely, they will peek out from behind trees and cheer that the crazy lady with the camera is finally going to leave them alone.) Bear have been spotted out on the back side of base already, too, but none have been in our area. Maybe we can do a little running around this weekend and see if we can flush one out. I'm going to miss Alaska.

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