Saturday, May 2, 2009

Simply Saturday

Days are slipping by quickly, and once again, I have let the blog slide to the side. I will try to be a good little blogger and keep it more up to date once the movers have done their thing. That said, next week is not looking good for blogging. All of our worldly possessions are being boxed up and sent "over the pond" to our new home. I'll be lap topping it until we see them again in a few months.

Update on the kitties: They are doing very well and are enjoying the perks of living with Grandma and Grandpa. I suspect they have each gained a pound or two already with the extra treats that they are getting, but this is not confirmed at this time. Ashley is still her mellow self. Tink is pulling her normal routine of getting into everything and slowly driving the Grandparents insane. You have to love the Tink. When these three years are up, the Grandparents will either meet us at the door with kennels in hand, or yell through the peek hole that we can't have the babies back. I am prepared for battle. Dad gets credit for the latest Tinky pictures. I am still waiting for him to start his own kitty blog. They provide a lot of material.

I am off to prepare for the movers on Monday. Things to sort, things to toss, things to pack into suitcases. Our lives have to be divided into need it now, need it in 3 years, and can live without it for 2 or 3 months. I have found that I am more of a hoarder than I thought. I blame my parents. (I am quite sure that it can't be MY fault!)

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Gretchen said...

Hey, just caught up with your blogging. I haven't been very good at checking or blogging myself. Need to update mine soon. Good luck today with the movers. I so feel your pain. But it is exciting too!!