Wednesday, June 3, 2009

GrizzlyBarb In Belgium!

This is what Brussels, Belgium, looks like from the air. Very cool. This is the view we got this morning when we finally reached our destination. Well, almost reached it. We still had a bit of a drive to the area where we will be living. Luckily, we didn't have to focus on the drive. Some great people from our new base picked us and our 4,000 pieces of luggage up from the airport, and brought us to our temporary apartment.
Another great surprise awaited us in the apartment. Our new friends gave us a super goodie basket with lots of local treats in it. There was everything from Belgium beer to chocolate. They also stocked the kitchen with enough food to get us through the next couple of days. How awesome is that? Their son even left a soccer ball for the kids to borrow, just in case they got bored. How sweet!
Of course, we tore into the chocolate immediately! It is delicious!!!
This is a view of our new apartment. It's Euro chic! We had no idea what to expect, and were very pleasantly surprised. The man we're renting it from is extremely nice, and met us in front of the building when we pulled up. In fact, everyone here in Belgium is really great. They are very kind people.
Here is our bathroom. There is beautiful tile throughout the apartment.
Here is our lovely kitchen. Also cool. Did you notice that there is no fridge. It's hidden on the left side and designed to blend into the other cabinets. The thing that is missing is the freezer. There isn't one at all. I guess it helps you eat fresh produce. I'll take some pictures of the area soon. We are suffering from some serious jet lag, so I didn't take any pictures when we took our little tour of the base and local area today. Today has been a blur. I'm ready for bed. A Belgium bed. How cool is that?

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