Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shopping at the 5th Avenue Mall

Well, the 5th Avenue Mall is a little more empty today, thanks to Jess and her birthday money. And it's a little more quiet since we left it, too. At least our shopping trips are much quicker now, thanks to Abercrumbie & Fitch. Would you like to buy a car, or three A&F shirts? The shirts, please. At least until she gets her license. Then it will be a tougher choice.
Although the forecast has called for snow all week, the weather is just beautiful. Just a little nip in the air this morning, followed by thaw this afternoon. I really need to wash the ride, but what's the point this time of year? Spring thaw means that the roads are covered with brown slush. After 5 minutes of driving around, it will look just as dirty as it did before I washed it. Still, I will be off to the car wash soon. Remember when we lived in Florida, and every weekend we were outside in the driveway, washing the vehicles until they sparkled in the sunlight? (Well, Russ was outside washing the vehicles, and I was inside with the AC on giving him my mental support.) It won't be long until summer is here and everything will be shiny and clean.

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