Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Redoubt Still Rumbling

This picture of Redoubt is from the web cam this morning. Someone's a little grumpy! (I'm just saying.) I don't know when she is going to get tired of her little games and go back to sleep. She has been disturbing the airlines, which in turn disturbs our mail delivery, which in turn disturbs me. Notice how it all comes back to me? :0) Anyway....not a lot else to report. She is being monitored continuously and has had several more earthquakes. She keeps letting off steam, but then who doesn't every so often? I am off to decorate bulletin boards at the school. I know what you are thinking...all this excitement in one day? It's almost too much to handle! Yes, it is a wild and crazy life I lead. Happy Spring. Plant a daisy for me. We're still enjoying snow fall up here in the frozen north.

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