Monday, March 16, 2009

Redoubt and Tink - Two Unpredictable Women!

Someone can't make up her mind. Redoubt has quieted down again and although we are still on orange watch status, it looks like she is planning on behaving herself for the near future. Then again, she could blow her top tomorrow and we could wake up under a thick blanket of ash. Your guess is as good as mine (and the personnel at the volcano observatory). Either way, I have no choice in the matter and will simply stand at alert with my trash bags and duct tape at the ready. (I'm from the South, so I always have these things at the ready.)

On to other issues. Last night, I was awakened by a scratching sound near the end of the bed. It was a faint, repetitive grinding noise. I grabbed the flashlight, aimed it at the offending area, and clicked it on. There on the dresser sat Tink, mouth open and teeth attached to the corner of a box that I had placed there. "Mrp?" she asked, as if I was the one doing the disturbing and not her. "Go to bed Tink" I replied, shut off the light, and went quickly back to sleep. Some time later, I was again awakened by a strange sound. This time it was the tinkling of a little bell. I'm pretty sure I can guess who is to blame, but just the same, I aim the flashlight and click it on. There is Tink, knocking one of her many toys under the dresser and then fishing it back out again. (She had to pick the one with the bell inside it?) "Mrp?" she asks me once again. "Go to sleep, Tink!" Click into darkness. I can hear the claws digging into the mattress as she climbs up the end of the bed. The mound appears under the covers and slowly moves up the bed to my pillow. (She takes great pride in her shark imitation.) She climbs up onto my pillow and lays down on the top of my head. She is finally ready for bed. The alarm will go off in five minutes.

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