Thursday, March 26, 2009

Redoubt Once Again!

Once again, Redoubt is doing her thing. She erupted this morning around 9:30. Twice. She sent a huge plume of ash and gas around 65,000 feet into the air. What will happen next is any one's guess. They are "officially" predicting that the ash will go south of us, with southeast winds carrying it into the Kenai. The local weather channel says that winds are traveling northeast at this time, and that would bring the ash directly to us. Ash could hit Anchorage within the hour or two. The schools are carrying on as normal. Planes are evacuating. Flights are cancelling. The cats and I have the weather channel on, are searching the Internet for news updates, and have a nice cozy spot arranged under the bed if things get worse. This is what the paper is reporting at this time.

"The wind is taking the plume in different directions at different elevations, with winds between about 40,000 and 50,000 feet moving the plume toward Anchorage.
"It's possible that we could get some trace amounts (of ash in Anchorage), but it may not be anything noticeable right off the bat. People might notice a film on their windshields," Waythomas said."

Everyone loves an optimist.

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