Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crazy Cat Wednesday

Normally, it's the kids who are driving me crazy. This time, it's the cats. I don't know if it's the new diet, or they just need the extra attention. Ashley is trying the adorable and lovable attempt to get more food. Normally she could care less is anyone is in the room with her, but now she's been following me around and talking to me a lot. I can't sit down without an 80 pound ball of fur jumping in my lap and telling me how she is starving and can barely survive without more food. Tink, on the other hand, is just being a royal pain. I came home yesterday to discover that she had pried open my closet door and chewed on the plastic dry cleaner bag that my formal dress was in. Luckily, she stopped just short of eating the bottom of the dress. She has also started jumping up on the kitchen counter and sitting on the edge of the sink to watch the birds at the bird feeder. I am constantly using Clorox wipes to get the "cat butt" off of the counters and sink. Before you feel sorry for her, let it be known that I open the dining room window and put her cat perch in front of it. She has a BETTER view of the bird feeder from there. The other night, I came around the corner to find her completely sprawled out on the kitchen bar. She didn't even blink when I yelled at her. I had to drag her off of there. She is just being a pill. I told both cats that I no longer feel sorry for them that they will be stuffed in the belly of a plane with all of our luggage for hours on end. I might even smile when I send them off. That will keep your cat butt out of my sink...

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