Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Snowy Tuesday

One thing I love about Alaska is the unusual signage you find here. (Is signage a real word or did I just make that up? Sounds cool, though, so I think I'll keep it.) I kept telling Russ I would start taking pictures of them when I saw them, and I finally got around to taking a few today. Yes, it is snowing again.
This moose crossing sign is near the BX and commissary. I just happened to have my camera with me this morning, so here it is. Do you think the moose have to go to classes so that they know it is only safe to cross at the signs? Do they have to sit in desks? And if so, how big would those desks have to be? So many questions. OK, I didn't get much sleep last night, and I've drunk a tad more than my quota of coffee today. Please, forgive me. This one is one the road near our house. How many people do you know that can drive a snowmobile to work? How cool is that. I do think it's discrimination that there aren't any 4-wheeler crossing signs. 4-wheeler owners are only allowed to drive in certain areas on the back side of base. Demand your equal rights!This handsome fellow was waiting for me in the tree by my house when I picked up Brandon from school today. I didn't get a great shot, because he was hiding behind some branches, but here he is in all of his fuzzy glory. I will miss all of the wildlife when we leave here. It's crazy how you can get used to seeing bald eagles flying around the neighborhood, and moose grazing on your trees. Alaska has spoiled us.

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