Friday, March 6, 2009

Beautiful Blue Sky Friday

It is a glorious day in Anchorage. We had a rather snowy afternoon yesterday. In the end, we got around 4 or 5 inches of snow. The plows are out there clearing the neighborhood streets right now. This morning, the storm had passed, and we woke to a beautiful sunrise over the Chugach mountains.
You couldn't ask for a more beautiful day, and a better start to Spring Break! What do you do on such a perfect day? Why, I will tell you. Jess hangs out with her friends and walks around the neighborhood socializing. Brandon heads to the sledding hill with his friends to enjoy the newly fallen snow. I... do the laundry. I know, it's very exciting, and not everyone can handle it. Just us professionals. You just wish you could come to Alaska, bask in all of it's glorious beauty, and wash towels. I will leave you to stew in your jealousy now. Have a wonderful day.

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