Monday, March 9, 2009

Birthdays And Young Love

Today was a very important day in our household. It is Jessica's 15th birthday, and Russ'... well, after a CERTAIN AGE I am told that it's not polite to count any more. Anyway, it was a day of great celebration for us. What kind of cake does one get to mark such an important age? One might think you would get something sophisticated and elegant. A twisted parent would probably go and get a "Dora the Explorer" cake. Guess which cake came home for the party? After all was said and done (and a LOT was said, trust me!), any cake is a delicious one, and the family gobbled it up. I promised Brandon a "Phineas and Ferb" one for his next birthday. The excitement never ends around here.

I bet you thought the "young love" part would involve Jess, too. Well, that's another story that I am forbidden to write about ("You are NOT putting this on the blog!" were her exact words.) This love story involves Tink. I caught her looking longingly out the back window today. I wondered what had caught her attention, and went to check it out.
These tracks came from the fence up to our back door. It would seem that she has had a visitor. A suitor, if you like. A young man has come a callin' on our young Tink. Yes, he is not exactly what we had in mind for our young lady, but love is blind. It knows no boundaries. It will conquer all...

He is a dashing young fellow. If he keeps coming back, I will have to corner him and ask him what his intentions are toward Ms. Tinkerbell. It's the innocent looking ones that you have to watch!

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