Monday, April 20, 2009

You Can't Make This Grown Man Cry

You can't make a grown man cry, but I think we're getting pretty close. It's a sad week in our household. A few days ago,.... we sold the 4-wheeler. (Heavy sigh) We just can't take it where we are going. I suppose all of our great memories will just have to keep us going until we return to the good old USA and get another one. (If we end up somewhere where we CAN get another one.) It was definitely hard watching someone else drive off with the baby in the bed of their truck.
Then today...the really hard blow was dealt. Off went the Tundra to a new home. This was even worse than the wheeler. I might have even seen a tear this time. (Heavier sigh, whimper, sigh) It was all we could to not run after him yelling "Stop! We made a mistake! We want it back!"

There she goes, driving off into the sunset with someone else. Love lost. Sadness. Poor Russ. I need a cookie.


Anonymous said...

That was a realy great 4-wheeler and a really cool truck. Surely there will be something in Belgium to take their places.

GrizzlyBarb said...

They will be hard to replace, but I'm sure the boys will find something fun to occupy them in Belgium. Can you legally own a dragon???