Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Tax Day!

Some of us took care of the taxes early this year, so we are on to other things to entertain ourselves. (I am speaking for me and the cats, of course.) Did you know that this is Alaska Week on the Discovery Channel? If you did, you knew more than I did. I just found out last night. Last night also started the new Alaskan Experiment series. If you didn't watch this show last year, you missed some great entertainment. They dump some city folk in a remote area of Alaska, tell them they need to get from point A to point B while providing their own shelter and food, and then watch to see what happens. Lots of fun for the whole family. If you are interested, it comes on Tuesdays at 9 on the Discovery Channel. There are also a lot of other shows on the Discovery Channel this week about Alaska, so go and check it out. You'll love all that this great state has to offer. Then fly up and check it out for yourself. Tell them GrizzlyBarb sent you. They'll look at you funny and say "Huh?" but what the heck, give it a shot anyway!

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