Monday, April 20, 2009

Up On Flat Top Mountain

We went for a nice drive yesterday afternoon, and ended up on Flat Top Mountain. This is the best view of the Anchorage, by far. You can see the taller buildings of down town Anchorage on the right, as well as Mt. Susitna in the background. You can see why they call her the Sleeping Lady. Her head is to the left and her feet stretch out to the right. In the winter, she sleeps under a lovely white sheet.
This is a little closer view of down town. It was a little overcast in that direction, but blue skies over the mountains behind us. The kids love the view, too. Of course they spend more time clowning around then sightseeing. That's all part of the fun. Introducing the future famous director, and her fearless stuntman! We haven't been up here since we climbed to the top last fall. No, we didn't climb it again. Even we aren't that crazy! It's still covered with snow and ice, and I wasn't willing to take the chance of sliding off the side of a mountain!

It was definitely a beautiful day, and lots of people were out enjoying it! I hope your day was filled with sunny skies, as well!

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