Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where For Art Thou Romeo?

It's been a rather traumatic week, but we have all survived. Ashley and Tink are a little bruised and battered, but are safely settled in at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They will never fly again. If I have to drive across the entire United States from our next US base to pick them up, then so be it. I have learned how evil the airline industry can be to someone else's beloved pets, and I will protect them better from here on out. Enough said. On to other things.

It was a sad day here on Elmendorf. Due to Tink and Ashley's recent trauma, I have decided not to share the news with them. We are in mourning. I'm sure everyone knows Shakespeare's famous tale of Romeo and Juliet. Not quite so many know of our own Romeo the squirrel and his love affair with my precious Tink. They were quite close, and I was afraid that he would take her leaving rather hard. It seems we underestimated his love and devotion. He appears to have thrown himself under a vehicle today and did not survive the encounter. (Not unlike the original Romeo who could not live without his Juliet--- although without the whole car thing.) Before you ask... no, I was not the one who ran him over. I am not sure when the services will be held, but we will most certainly send flowers.

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