Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Russ and I headed out yesterday and took a nice walk along part of the Coastal Trail. It runs from near the Railroad Station in downtown Anchorage, 11 miles along the coastline headed south, and ends at Kincaid park. We'd been to several points along the trial, but had never been to Elderberry Park. This part of the Coastal Trail passes through Hannah's Cove. At the cove, there is not only a great view of the inlet, but also a very sweet statute of a little girl sniffing the flowers. You can see Mt. Susitna from here (also know as "The Sleeping Lady"). The mountain looks like a lady sleeping on her back. There is a legend that says the lady is a giant who has vowed to sleep until world peace is achieved. A friend of our daughter said that if she ever woke up, that would be the end of world peace and the start of total chaos. You can also see other mountains and volcanoes across the water. One of those volcanoes is Mt. Spurr.
The Coastal Trail is a very peaceful, winding path. It is wooded on both sides, with an occasional breathtaking view of the Inlet. This is the perfect time of the year to check it out. The leaves were beautiful. We met a Magpie along the way. To me, these are more the state bird than the Willow Ptarmigan. I have only seen a couple of those, but I see these Magpies practically every day.

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