Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Swans at Potter Marsh

Today, the clouds broke and this strange light came from above. Could it be...yes, I think it is...THE SUN! Wow, what a glorious sight! Time to celebrate and enjoy some more of our fabulous fall colors. On the south end of Anchorage, you will find Potter Marsh. They have a nice, new and improved boardwalk, and you can stroll along it and check out the marsh and the wildlife that live there. If you drive past the boardwalk, there is a small pull off on the southern end of the marsh just off the Seward Highway, and that is the best place to view the swans.

It's very peaceful there at the marsh. You can see anything from ducks to loons to bald eagles.
It is especially pretty this time of year, when the hills are covered in their fall finery.
I love to watch the birds taking off. I find it fascinating when they run along the top of the water as they gain speed, leaving "footprints" behind them.

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