Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Field Trip is a Bust!

Oh, well. It's raining again, and the field trip was postponed. Brandon is more than a little bummed about it. He wouldn't have been so excited to get to school this morning if he had known he was going to do actual work. The class was going to Ft. Rich to take part in "The Skies The Limit". It's a confidence course where the kids in the class have to work together as a team and figure out how to solve problems without any adult help. The problems include things like: the whole class lines up on a log, no one can speak, everyone must remain in contact with the log at all times, and they must arrange themselves in order on the log by birth date (including month and day). They are timed for each event. The course is on top of a wooded hill on Ft. Richardson, and it feels like you are in the middle of no where. It's a great break for the kids from regular school work. Jess did it with her class 3 years ago, and they loved it. Hopefully we can reschedule it soon. For now, I am hanging out at the house and trying to get an unsightly clog out of the bathroom drain.


Sally said...

"Unsightly"!! wow, no appreciation for protecting the family from the dreaded drain monster!! Also a great place to check for leaks. I've drank quite a bit of water trying to keep that bowl dry at our house! That shorter two-legger seems to always leave it dripping here.

Tink said...

Actually, I was trying to wedge my body down the drain to escape, but I was caught and had to act cute. I do see the plus side of this sleeping arrangement, though. I have a bed, shower and drink all in one.