Friday, September 19, 2008

Termination Dust

The clouds parted yesterday, and there it was. Termination dust! Whoohoo! The end of the summer, and the promise of winter coming soon. I admit, it's only on the higher peaks, but it is getting closer. If you watch the mountains over the next few weeks, you'll see a white line slowly working it's way down from the top. Not everyone in the family is thrilled with the coming winter. Jess (the typical teenager in denial) calls it the "4-letter word". "Did you see the mountain this morning?" I ask her when she gets home from school. Her fingers jump immediately into her ears and she starts yelling "LALALALALALALALALALALA... I can't hear you! Don't use that word!" I, of course, am the mature one, and wait until she removes her fingers before I yell...."SNOW!" This is our fall routine in Alaska. Once the ground is white and she accepts defeat, she loves it and enjoys tubing and Snowboarding. Brandon is all about the snow. He is already planning his snowball fights with the neighbors, and can't wait to hit the slopes. Plus, there is the added bonus of running around the house and yelling "SNOW" until his sister stomps her feet, screams "Ugh! You people are impossible!" and heads up the stairs to the safety of her room. (Cue door slamming.) Kids are fun.
Happy Fall!

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