Thursday, September 25, 2008


OK, I made a mistake this morning. I had my camera bag by my purse, because I carry it everywhere. I even took it to work yesterday, just in case. I looked out the window this morning before heading to work, and the clouds were so thick that you couldn't even see any mountains. I figured there wasn't anything to take a picture of, so I left it sitting there near the door. BIG MISTAKE! Of course, there isn't anything eventful as I drop Brandon off at school (right near the house), and then head toward work. I drove through through the base and out the front gate. I am so close to work that I can practically see the office from here, when I notice a movement from the right. A huge bull moose walks out of the woods and is aiming right at me. I stop. He slowly looks over at me as he walks right in front of my van, and then saunters across the other lane to the grass on the left side of the road. Is it my imagination, or is he taunting me? There is a fence running parallel to the road there, so he can't go any farther. He is now standing by the sign for Elmendorf AFB. My gosh, IS HE POSING??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? AUGHHHHH! I am mentally figuring how long it would take me to go all the way home and return with the camera. Not enough time. In my head, I can hear my parents telling me, "Always take your camera, you never know what you will see!" With one last look, I take my foot off of the brake and drive slowly to work. I am disgusted.

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