Monday, September 22, 2008

Manventure at Eureka

The guys made it back safely last night from their 4-wheeling and camping adventure. They went about 128 miles Northeast of Anchorage to a huge gravel parking near the Eureka Lodge. It was sleeting and snowing, so they skipped the tents this trip and slept in campers. As soon as they woke up, the guys hit the trails. Brandon loved it! They rode all over the place: over mountains, through rivers, and in lots and lots of mud. Nothing but wilderness all around you. The views are awesome. Termination dust on the mountains was not only fun to ride through, but the boys also got to take a break from riding and have a snow ball fight. Can it get any better?
For Brandon, "better" means water and mud to drive through. Russ said the 4-wheeler never got a break. As soon as the group stopped for a stretch, Brandon climbed into the driver's seat and took off on his own.

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