Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snowzilla & The Tournament of Roses Parade

No, Snowzilla won't be appearing at the Tournament of Roses Parade. It would be exciting, but it's just not going to happen. What did happen (a few days ago- sorry I'm so slow on the news updates) is a group of supporters came out to City Hall to protest the poor treatment of our beloved Snowzilla. It was a peaceful demonstration, and no one was arrested.
The picketing continued until dawn, and came to an abrupt end when city employees "cleaned the sidewalks" and the protesters were shoveled off into Alaska history.

On to the Tournament of Roses Parade. Be sure to tune in New Years morning and check out the float from the Last Frontier. We have entered a float titled "Celebrating Alaska-Spirit of the Wild." The reason for the float? It's our 50th Anniversary as a state! The float is 22 feet wide, 55 feet long, and 18 feet high. It's even animated: the moose and bear move their heads and steam comes out of the engine of the train. Two people will be riding on the float in kayaks. They are Kimberly Dullen, Miss World Eskimo-Indian Olympics and Miss Fairbanks Native Association, and Manuel Tumuluk, a Native Youth Olympics and WEIO world record holder. If you are interested in more information about our lovely float, go to and click on the section celebrating our 50 Years of Statehood. There is also a link in that section where you can order a special limited edition print of Denali. There are only 950 "Legacy of Alaska" prints being made and it is selling for a bargain price of $1,500 each. ($750 is tax deductible.) Be a sweetie and pick me up a copy while you are there. We'll call it a late Christmas gift.

Snowzilla pictures courtesy of Anchorage Daily News.

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