Monday, December 1, 2008

Cold Winter Day

It's 8 degrees. It's a dry 8, not a humid one, but no matter how you label it, 8 is cold. Stay in the house, curl up with a blanket, drink hot coffee cold. Did I mention how cold it is? It's cold. The weather station has lots of gadgets to measure how deep the snowfall is. Here at our house, we have The Table. It's our summer table located on the back patio. How much did it snow last night? I don't know, let's go check The Table. The Table never lies or approximates, it just tells it like it is. You can trust The Table. We got a LOT of snow this weekend.
It warmed up into the low 30's over the weekend, too, and we ended up with some great icicles on the front porch. They won't last long. The neighborhood kids like to break them off and sword fight with them. Among other things. One neighborhood kid just likes to eat them. No, it is not my kid.

Russ' poor truck doesn't care much for winter. It ended up partially buried in a snow drift yesterday. We had to dig it out. Did I mention we got a LOT of snow? Did I also mention it's COLD? Anyway, here the truck sits and dreams of summer days in Florida, or California, or Arizona...

The trees always look so great after a heavy snowfall. It reminds me of icing on Christmas cookies. I took this picture on Saturday out at Hillburg. This handsome fellow was hanging out by the lake there and watching for a meal.

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