Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The North Pole

What could be more cool than getting to visit Santa and Mrs. Clause during their summer off? North of Anchorage is Fairbanks. Just beside Fairbanks, is the North Pole. We went there two summers ago and visited Santa's house.
It was a lot of fun. The kids got to meet and talk with the Clauses in person. Santa does a lot of traveling (obviously), so he knows a lot about different locations. We had a nice conversation about Florida (we had just moved from there) as well as other places that we have lived. Don't worry, we put in a good word with the Big Guy for our friends and family, too. These reindeer were back in Anchorage, but I couldn't resist putting these pictures in here. Look how much the kids have grown! These were taken right after we moved to Anchorage 3 summers ago. Time has gone by so fast! Here is Brandon tyring to convince me that we need one of these as a pet. I have to admit, they are much better behaved than Tink. I can't see one of these tearing down my Christmas tree and ripping open gifts. It might be something to consider. I just have to talk Santa into taking a cat as a trade in.

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