Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Fun

I love the way the trees look covered with hoar frost. It was even better yesterday when the skies were such a pretty blue. It was also about 7 degrees when I took this picture at lunch. Ugh! Gloves would have been helpful. :0) When I take Brandon to school in the morning, the sun is just starting to come up and everything is a pale blue gray. Lately, we've had a lot of ice fog in the morning, so even the sky is that color. It makes everything appear ghostly. I'll try to get a picture of it one of these morning. Things have been very busy lately, and I can't leave the camera in the vehicle when I am running around town (it's just TOO cold), so I haven't been taking as many pictures. Today is the last day of school until after the New Year, so hopefully it will slow down. Brandon's class had their Christmas party yesterday. They had a lot of fun. They even made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. Everyone had their own style, and it was interesting to see what they were trying. A group of kids went for height, and were trying to get 4 or 5 stories out of their houses. Needless to say, they all ended up toppling over. One kid made Santa's outhouse. Interesting and practical. Brandon went for a nice two story with a garage. Also practical. As I was taking some pictures, I notice something strange about his shirt. "Is that the same shirt you had on this morning?" "Unh huh", he answered. "Didn't it have writing on it?" "Unh huh", he replied. "Is your shirt on backwards?" "Unh huh", he mumbled. Clearly I was interfering in his creative building process. "Why?" (You know you are wondering the same thing. Surely there is a reason.) "I just like to do it sometimes." Good enough. This does explain how the back of his shirt has food, paint or ink on it some days. "Would you mind turning it around so I can see the front?" "I guess." It's the little things.

Merry Christmas!

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Dr Doc (dlcs) said...

Beautiful Blog! Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy 2009!!!