Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Overcast Tuesday

It's cloudy, 33 degrees, and sprinkling snow, off and on. Not a bad day in all. In fact, it's feeling a little like spring. Or should I say it sounds like spring? The snow is sliding off of the metal roof, and landing with precision bombing outside the windows again. Icicles are dripping near the front door. It won't be long until we see bright spots of green grass peeking out through the snow. In anticipation of Spring, I am going to share some pictures of the annual Wild Salmon On Parade in downtown Anchorage. Each year, artists decorate salmon statues, and they are displayed all over town from early June through late August. Each fish is sponsored by a local organization or business. In September, they have a big dinner and auction off the fish. All of the proceeds from the dinner and auction go to local charities. In 2005, they raised $75, 000 for charity. You can't beat that!
The artists can decorate the salmon any way they like. I thought this one was great. It celebrates the 50th Anniversary of our great state!

The colors on this one were fantastic.

This one celebrated the history of panning for gold in Alaska.
The kids loved the mural of the mountains painted on this salmon. It, too, celebrated gold panning in Alaska. If you ever get the chance to visit Anchorage, take a walking tour around the downtown area and check out all of the salmon. There are 30 of them scattered all around. You'll find them along the main streets, as well as outside the Ulu factory and other businesses. Happy fishing! (And you don't even need a license!)

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