Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Iditarod Is Coming

Here are some pictures to get you psyched up for the Iditarod next month. It will be our last one here, so we plan to go and enjoy it once again. Well, I will go and enjoy it. I will drag the kids down there while they say things like "It's COLD." "Mom, they're just a bunch of dogs." and "Didn't we do this last year?" Sometimes you have to cram the culture down these kids throats in the winter. They are like black bear. They like to hibernate.

Some people from the lower 48 don't really get the Iditarod. They see it as a form of animal abuse. If you ever get a chance to see it in person, do so. The dogs all look like kids on Christmas morning. They can't wait to get going, and look like they are grinning when they finally get their turn to start.

There are lots of great characters to meet when you are watching the race, too. Lots of them get into traditional fur trader garb.

I LOVE this outfit. Can't you just see me wearing this the next time we hit the town. This nice fellow is sporting some serious style! I have to get a pair of these boots, if nothing else!

Can you imagine what the cats would do if I walked in wearing this hat?

I hope you are enjoying your lovely winter day. Any day that a volcano doesn't erupt is a good day.

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