Tuesday, November 18, 2008


A wild cat crept out of the shadows and lept on a moose here last night. It drug the moose out into the open and proceeded to rip it's head right off. It was a pretty vicious attack. The moose never had a chance. OK, it was a die cut moose and Tink stole it off of my scrap booking desk and ripped it up, but it was vicious just the same. Darn cat! She had the nerve to bring it over and rip it up in front of me so that I got the full effect. That was about all the excitement around here we could take. Have a great day.

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Max said...

You sould have seen my two-legger this morning jump when I walked across the top of her bird project! What did she expect?? It is a bird! It is shiny! And it makes a fun, crinkly noise when I step on it! She said something about me breaking her stained glass as she shoo-ed me away, but does she really think I've gotten that fat??? It must be ok though, she hasn't mentioned it since. And she sure had a lot to say about it yesterday when she couldn't get the pieces to fit in just right.