Friday, November 14, 2008

The Alaska Ferry 2

This is what it looks like in the bottom of the ship. You are allowed to visit your vehicles when you are in port, and at other specified times. People who brought their pets with them had to leave them in their vehicles, so they used this time to feed and exercise them.
This is one of the halls in the ship. If you wanted to travel on a budget, you could bring your tent and camp out on the upper deck. They used duct tape to attach their tents to the deck, because it was really windy up there.

At dusk one day, we saw a family of deer on the bank. There were lots of star fish on the shore near the docks.
There was always something interesting to see, whether it was the beautiful scenery, or the boats and planes that passed by us on our trip up the Alaskan coast. This was our first glimpse of a glacier. We saw this on our approach to Alaska's capital city of Juneau. This pair of humpback whales welcomed us in the harbor at Juneau. Juneau Alaska. This was the last city that we saw in the daylight. We arrived at around 2 am in Haines, Alaska, the next day and got off of the Malaspina. It was sad to leave our floating home, but very exciting to be that much closer to our new home in Anchorage.

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