Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kenai Fjords Cruise

My favorite thing that we've done so far would probably be this cruise! We drove to Seward early one morning and headed out for a 6 hours cruise on the Tanaina. The weather was overcast and sprinkling, but that didn't spoil the fun. Right out of the harbor, we ran into a family of mountain goats climbing along the rocky bank. We had even more luck soon after. We discovered a pod of killer whales in cove and shut the engines down to watch them. They were very playful and swam all around and under the boat. One even brought a stick to the side of the boat, like a dog wanting to play a game of fetch. We watched them until they tired of us and went on to hunt for food. We headed on our way and checked out the Stellar Sea Lions. They weren't nearly as energetic as the killer whales. They just sunned themselves on the rocks and tolerated our presence. We saw so many animals that day that it was hard to keep track. We saw puffin, humpback whales, etc. It was definitely an amazing day!

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